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From confirmation of your order by PoppySeed to receipt of the package at your doorstep, you can track the status of your order – online. When you place your order on, you will receive an order confirmation email with a link to our website. Bookmark this link, for it contains information about the status of your order, and is constantly updated.

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PoppySeed redefines dressing up as an emotion; it is about feeling beautiful. Fashion in its true sense is an expression of what a person feels and desires. PoppySeed aims to lift the veil of beauty as a necessity and unveil its identity as an expression. To this emotion we add the essential factor of sustainability. PoppySeed’s inception was the idea to change lives by enabling and empowering people. Our artisans are at the core of the brand, for they enable us to present the world with authentic Indian crafts.

With the world changing every second, fast fashion rules the industry. PoppySeed’s every move is towards making a gradual shift to slow fashion. Homegrown brands establish a foothold for local talents. Crafts like Ajrakh and Kalamkaari that are epitome of Indian ethnicity are brought to the forefront; something that PoppySeed is a bearer of.

Our designs emanate style, elegance and simplicity. Be it handcrafted textile jewellery or block printed attires, every product of PoppySeed embodies the idea of beauty with a purpose. PoppySeed is a women-driven homegrown brand that thrives to be the one-stop destination for sustainable apparel, decor, gifts, accessories and more.

Our Vision

We wish to become pioneers of supporting and promoting sustainable products, while acquainting the world with the concept of slow fashion and its merits. Working at grassroot level, we enable our artisans to present the world with authentic Indian crafts.

With the evolution of fashion, PoppySeed wants to create a revolution in sustainable fashion. We want to create a brand that creates an impact on a global level, staying true to our culture, while embracing modern aesthetics.

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